We all have a unique genetic design that determines how our bodies function, along with how they react to our environment and the food we eat. The best way that I’ve ever heard nutrigenetics explained was with a technology analogy; so of course I’M in love with this explanation…

Our genes are essentially the hardware of our bodies. That hardware produces an output based on the “software” that we install on it. That software is comprised of food, environmental toxins, stressors, and exercise. The output from that installed software is seen in our mood, energy levels, inflammation and pain in the body, digestion, and even our athletic performance.

We all have the same genes but it is our unique genetic variants that dictate what we look like, what our bodies need to thrive, and what food or environmental elements we are allergic to. Since we all have a different genetic code, it makes sense that we need to eat according to what benefits our bodies as individuals; rather than go off of whatever new fad diet that everyone is raving about.

Nutrigenomics tells us everything about your nutrition profile right down to how well you convert beta carotene into Vitamin A. It can show us what vitamin or mineral you are prone to being deficient in, therefore pointing us to the proper food and supplementation plan. We can also determine your likelihood to being sensitive to foods such as gluten, grains, or lactose thereby helping you eliminate them to boost your digestive health and fat burning abilities.

How do you find your nutrigenetic needs?

Many companies either have their own DNA test kits or they can utilize your data from 23andMe. Once they have your raw genetic data, they analyze your genetic code for the “high impact” genes. Code that can tell them your propensity for vitamin/mineral deficiency, likelihood of food sensitivity, and so much more.

If you have done your DNA testing through 23andMe, I work with two different companies (listed below) to get a full comprehensive report based on the raw data from that. I’ve tried working with a few others but these are the only ones I find to actually have quality information.

GenoPalate contains some great information and is much more affordable than the next option. For $70, you can get all of the best food recommendations for your genetic type.

Apeiron is pricey and, depending on the panel that you order, costs $300-$500. However, this analysis provides information on your food sensitivities, craving propensities, supplement needs, hormone information, detoxification pathways, sleep habits, and athletic performance. This is the report that I utilize for my clients in order to develop the perfect program. Contact me directly for this analysis.

I would rather people work directly with a nutrition professional in order to avoid confusion or, God forbid, panic over any result given; but I also understand being on a budget. I do trust GenoPalate and their analysis, just know you are getting bare bones data.