Organifi Review

Generally, as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, I’m supposed to tell you to get all of your nutrition needs from whole foods and not waste your money on supplements. Well, the bitch of the “eat your vitamins and minerals” concept is that it’s not effective in this day and age. Even if the modern day human had the time and patience to eat their 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies a day, our food is not as nutrient dense as it used to be. Today’s orange, for example, has less than half the amount of vitamin C as oranges from a few decades ago. Broccoli in the 1950’s contained 130 mg of calcium; that number is less than 50 mg today. Aggressive agricultural methods have stripped our soil of its vitamin and mineral value, turning it into a shitty mediocre mound that only grows somewhat nutritious food. I’m not saying don’t eat your fruits and veggies! Absolutely do that. But keep in mind that you might not be getting EVERYTHING you need from them and you’re bound to have major nutrition gaps in your diet.

So, what do we do to fill the nutrition gaps ? WE SUPPLEMENT!

Now, you’ve probably seen ads for Organifi all over your Instagram or Facebook feed over the last few years. Or maybe it’s just me and that creepy ass algorithm happens to know about all the nutrition research I do on the ol’ google machine. Conspiracy, I say! Anywhooooo…. I was sent a few products to try out a while ago and I’ve got some thangs to say about Organifi.

Yes, I own all Organifi photos on this post. Suck it copyright nazis.

I first started testing out Organifi products a year ago and, going into it, I maintained the same skepticism with this brand as I do with all the other brands that send me products to try. My mindset is always “Until I see or feel a difference, it’s just overpriced bullshit.”

Organifi started me out with their GREEN and GOLD powder. The GREEN powder is loaded with organically grown super greens and herbs meant to detoxify, energize, balance hormones, and even boost cognitive performance. The GOLD powder is packed with relaxing superfoods like Reishi mushroom, turmeric, and coconut milk formulated to battle inflammation and promote relaxation and restful sleep. They have other powders and products but these were the ones I was most curious about for my own health needs at the time.

The big question is….Do these powders actually work?

You bet your ass they do.

It took 3 days of consistently taking the GREEN powder for me to be like “whoa, feeling’ it!” but from then on, I had constant energy even all the way through my 12 hour work days. I also saw better times and heavier weights in workouts, lady times didn’t suck as bad (sorry to the dudes reading this), and I felt super euphoric all day everyday. Apparently, this stuff detoxes and replenishes so well that my body decided to start doing what the hell its supposed to.

The GOLD worked like charm the first night I took it. Within 10 minutes of drinking that stuff, my eyes felt super heavy and I felt incredibly mellow. It’s witchcraft I tell ya! But not really, it’s just the perfect blend of superfoods that chill you out and make you channel Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. When have you ever been as happy and relaxed as that dude?

Again, when I test a supplement, I go into it with the utmost pessimism that way I’m not just convincing myself something is working. That is how potent this stuff was! I actually felt the difference and I can’t say that about majority of the supplements I’ve tried.

Is it pricey? A bit. But we both know you’ve probably spent your money on way dumber shit. Why not drop a little extra coin on something that will make you feel awesome everyday?

For the sake of saving a bit a money though, using the Wild Child Chef discount code on the Organifi website gets you 15% off all orders.


Here’s MY monthly Organifi haul:

Green Juice

For immune health, balanced hormones, mental focus, and energy.


For deep sleep, inflammation control, and muscle recovery.


For digestive health and optimizing cognitive function.


For cellular repair and collagen support for hair, skin, and nails.

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