Health Benefits of Yoga

As an avid weight-lifter and big fan of high-intensity interval training, I always thought that yoga was ONLY something that people did to recover and relax. I basically thought yoga was just for hippies… until I went to my first power yoga class and got my ass handed to me. I don’t think I’ve sweat that much in my entire life. There is so much control involved which is not something I’m used to. I’ve grown so fond of throwing weights around and doing sprint work that when someone is directing me to do slow controlled movements, it’s very ouch.

Now, I reluctantly practice yoga a few times a week and I’ve never felt stronger.

Reasons why you need to get your ass on a yoga mat:

1. Strengthens muscles

2. Diminishes belly fat

3. Increases mobility

4. Prevents arthritis and alleviates arthritic pain

5. Regulates hormones

6. Optimizes adrenal function

7. Aids in preventing and healing digestive problems

8. Increases athletic performance

9. Promotes deeper sleep

10. Alleviates stress

11. Enhanced libido… ahh yeah, sex stuff.

Do the yoga, do the Crossfit, lift the weights, move yo body in all the ways!

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