Why You Need Blue Blocking Glasses!

I know I know. It’ s not a typical nutrition or fitness related post… or is it?

Blue light is everywhere! It comes from the sun and from all of our electronic devices.

The natural source of blue light that comes from the sun actually has significant benefits for the human body. It helps to regulate our sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythm), improves cognitive function, boosts focus and alertness, and even improves our mood.

Artificial sources of blue light, however, can straight up donkey punch our brain into an irritable, sleepless state. Blue light from our computers, phones, and tablets can tremendously disrupt our sleep cycle and cause severe eye strain especially in the evening. When the sun goes down, the brain knows that it’s almost time to shut shit down (fall asleep). With all of the artificial blue light in our world, our brains get very confused and are essentially getting the message that the sun is still up and we need to keep the brain hyperactive. Considering most of us are on our phones or watching television right up until we go to bed, it can easily be said that majority of us are not getting the sleep we need.

As a computer programmer, I wish I knew about this crap years ago. I have had 2 different prescription glasses to try to help my eye strain and improve my vision. Neither worked. So, damn the doctors visits again; I had to figure my own shit out.

After just a few days with my new blue blocking glasses, I feel zero eye discomfort AND I’m sleeping like the dead every single night. As for my vision, I’m seeing everything just fine. I strongly believe that my eyes were just so strained that my vision became blurred, making every doctor think I needed a prescription. Yikes!

Last point that I really have to drive home here…

SLEEP IS CRUCIAL! For athletic performance, fat loss, muscle gain, immune strength, and not murdering your family. You need quality sleep, people! Now, I could ask you to stop watching tv before bed and to not look at your phone when sun goes down… but we all know that shit ain’t happening unless you’re Amish.

So, if you’re like me and work on your computer all wee hours of the night or constantly check your IG to see if that cute guy DM’d you again, treat yourself to some blue blocking glasses.

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